• One Line Diagrams

  • Protection Single Line

  • Relay Selection

  • Relay and Control Panel Layouts

  • AC Schematics​

  • DC Schematics

  • Equipment Connection Diagrams

  • SCADA Design

  • Communication Design

  • HMI Systems

  • Upgrade Existing Relay Systems

  • System Studies

  • Protective Relay Settings

Testing and

Commissioning Services

​Substation Engineering


Project Management

  • HV Equipment Testing

  • Relay Testing

  • End-To-End Testing

  • Settings Verification

  • Factory Acceptance Testing​




  • Engineering and Design of New and Rebuild Substations and Switchyards

  • Overall Site Design

  • Permit Assistance

  • Layout, Section, and BOM Details

  • Equipment Specifications

  • Physical Design 

  • Grounding Systems 

  • Conduit and Cable Systems

  • Control Enclosure Design

  • Relay and Control Panels

  • Metering and Instrumentation

  • AC and DC Distribution Systems

  • Construction Bid Specifications

  • Construction Support

  • Physical Acceptance Testing

  • As-built Drawings

our Services

Substation Engineering 

Frank Cascino

Telephone: (302) 260-3112

Email: fcascino@powerdsllc.com

Some of the services we offer are:

Substation services

Scope of work capabilities include engineering of substation and switchyard facilities ranging from 15kV through 500kV.   Our project work typically includes all physical, electrical, civil, structural, and protection & control design. Additionally, we can provide complete system studies, relay coordination, and planning services.  We also offer high voltage equipment testing, relaying testing, and commissioning services using in-house technicians and engineers.

We offer complete high voltage electric power systems engineering services utilizing in-house expertise and current industry software packages. Specific categories of substation services that we provide internally or coordinate include:



Control Engineering

Smart Power Empowered by Smart Designs

Civil and Structural


Construction Management

  • Civil Site Work including Oil Containment, Retention Ponds, Grading and Drainage

  • Seismic Design for Structures,     Bus Systems, Buildings, etc.

  • Existing Structure Analysis

  • Foundation Designs

  • Structural Steel

  • Bus System Mechanical Design

  • Building Architectural and Structural Design for Concrete or Metal Enclosures

  • Access Road Design

  • Fencing