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Construction Management

  • Project Construction Supervision Staffing

  • Project Design Constructability Review  

  • Project Construction Specification Review  

  • Project Construction Scheduling

  • Outage Scheduling Coordination and Review

  • Storm Staffing

  • Material Hardware Review and Inspection

  • Determining Construction Yard Locations

  • Determining Access to Construction Locations

  • Determining Wire Pulling Locations

  • Coordination with other entities involved with a project

Construction Management

Chris Whalen

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Power Delivery Solutions provides a range of construction support services to meet our clients’ needs.  Our staff includes personnel with decades of experience in power industry construction. We can provide traditional construction supervision staffing to monitor client projects. But we can also provide many other construction management type services.  PDS can provide constructability reviews during the project design phase. We can help insure the project design is best suited to match construction techniques available for the various terrain and environments. We can suggest economically suitable design types for difficult right-of-way terrain.  For example, we can identify which designs are best suited to build in difficult access wetlands, or in mountainous terrain, or over major highways and rivers. We can also review construction specifications for completeness and constructability prior to being issued to contractors. PDS has working relationships with construction contractors we partner with on turnkey projects. We can use those relationships to provide our clients with unique and economical solutions.


Some of the services we offer are:

Construction Management services