About us

Our leadership knows this business and remains updated on its market analysis, latest technologies, published standards, and ensures the pairing of this knowledge with our core solutions and business development plans.

We have offices in the Mid-Atlantic and the South East regions, and are currently working on expanding to the South West and Mid West regions.

bu​siness overview

Business Overview

We are a power solutions provider with extensive expertise in Transmission, Distribution, Substation, Construction Management, and Project Management. Please refer to our Services web page for an explicit list of our services and products.

We utilize the best practices in Project Management and have developed mature yet continually evolving Organizational Process Asset and Project Management Information System that serve in ensuring the quality and reliability of our services.

Our Management team consist of scholars in their fields of expertise with superb experience in our business and its requirements, which has earned us a distinguished client base who trusts us, trusts our smart solutions, and values our work ethics.


Message from our President

Smart Power Empowered by Smart Designs